What Makes Luxury Shoes a Must-have For Your Collection


Booting up becomes quite stylish when the feet are adorned with luxury shoes. These shoes have unmatched panache, at least to say. These high levels of style are the outcome of the materials and craftsmanship that go into their making. Here are some of the reasons stated below that give luxury shoes for men the stature that these have in the world of style.

a. Unique materials used for shoes

It is not the looks alone that give any shoe a designer luxury tag. The stylish look leaves a deeper and everlasting impact owing to the raw materials employed in their making. When you choose luxury shoes from brands like Magnnani, you are actually bringing home the exquisiteness of materials. The in-house techniques of processing the leather give these shoes the exceptional quality that you come to terms with as soon as you slip your foot inside the vamp. That unmatchable comfort and grip results from the quality of leather. Suede is another stylish leather type that is actually reverse Magnnani, technically speaking. Duke+Dexter is the specialist of suede shoes that certainly deserve a place in your feet’s wardrobe. Andres Sendra and Heel and Buckle, similarly, employ the finest leather to achieve that impressive look in their shoe range.

b. Each shoe handcrafted individually

Luxury shoes are not machine-made or cut using mechanical means. Right from processing and painting of leather to carving these according to the feet shape and size, every process involves the use of experienced craftsman. Brands like Magnnani have intense training programs where they give the rank of artisano to only those craftsmen who have given years of their life in achieving perfection in their work. Also, shoemakers master the processes like patinating, broguing, etc. and apply them with added diligence to any order that comes their way. Some brands maintain their exclusivity by introducing new lines only on order.

c. Family-owned businesses practicing excellence for years

Shoemakers of luxury shoes do not churn out a run of the mill product. These makers are actually the carriers of the legacy of perfection and love for shoemaking craft that is passed on to them in family-run business environments. The brands of luxury stature are very few in number and these are actually the select few names that have been at the top of the industry for hundreds of years. The years of perseverance and the fire to create something la extraordinaire reflects marvelously in luxury brands.

d. Interesting colors not so easy to find

You are able to find the combinations like black and white, or pure cherry color, blue, grey, green, etc. Burgundy kinds of hues in varying shades of leather. Patina leather which is actually the result of the hand-painting of leather gives interesting variations in leather shade in single pair. The other processes like smoking, torturing, etc. enhance the features like streaks, hand-stitched vamp, brogue etc. and give the whole pair a color scheme which will be a bit difficult to find.

e. Designed to match the rich taste in fashion

The excellence of craftsmanship and zeal for innovation creates designs that bring style and comfort together. You can find variations like a double monk, oxford, derby styles, etc. presented distinctly in unique lines created by reputed designers. The fashion lovers are able to find a pair for every occasion in such versatility of options available. That is why, when it comes to putting the fashion game a bit higher up, luxury shoes offer reliable styling companions.

Shoes always matter and this matter certainly more when you are belonging to the cream of society. So, when you have arrived, make it loud and clear with fashionable luxury shoes that complete your tip-to-toe styling up tastefully.

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