What Makes Android Phones Better Than iPhones


While iPhone users are claiming that iPhones 13 are way better than Flagship any Android phones, they can’t, however, justify their claims. When asked what makes iPhones special than Androids, they don’t seem to find a good answer for that. So if you’re wondering whether Android is better than iPhone, here are a few reasons many are considering the former a better one.

Battery Life

You will be amazed about how much battery life you can get out of Android phones; even smaller handsets like Motorola G9 have incredible battery life. You will be lucky if your iPhone makes it a day without needing to be recharged, but android handsets seem to have better stamina when it comes to battery life.

Better Value

While the iPhone may cost you a lot of money, Android phones come much cheaper in value. The cheapest iPhone you can pick is the $399 iPhone SE, but you can get an Android handset for $60 that offers acceptable results.


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Awesome features

From thermal cameras to night vision, you can get all sorts of features on Android phones for far less than you’d pay for an iPhone handset. Furthermore, adding those features to an iPhone handset would only cost you a lot.

Fewer bugs

If you want to have solid connectivity for things like a hotspot, Android is a better choice as it is more reliable than iPhone handsets. iPhones seem riddled with random, weird bugs that routinely affect connectivity and battery life. 


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Android’s Quick Settings panel offers a significant level of customization as well as a one-tap button to get directly into the Settings app. On the other hand, the iPhone’s Control Center is kind of awkward, clumsy, and not customizable.

The difference between these two is fundamental. Apple seems not to want its users to be playing in the settings, while Android is built to cater to its users’ get into the settings. Plus, Android also allows its users to use a custom launcher, as opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach of iOS.

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