3 Reasons Vegan Leather is More Chic Than The Real Thing


Vegan leather is one of the most in-demand textiles on the planet thanks to celebrities like Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco and designer Stella McCartney. In the 90’s, the term ‘pleather’ sent shivers up any fashionista’s spine, but in the last decade this animal-saving textile has had a successful makeover.

Today, the synthetic market is valued at $25 billion, projected to reach a huge $52.9 billion by 2027. . Synthetic materials have superior properties, such as high gloss finish, durability, strength, UV resistance, and easy maintenance. Moreover, products made from faux leather are cheaper and thus, continue to attract consumers, especially from middle- and high-income level groups.

From bomber jackets to boots and handbags, vegan leather is everywhere, but with constantly changing trends, vegan leather handbags are the top favorite in the fashion stakes. Here’s why:



1. Everyone’s doing it

Trends are trendy for a reason, and there’s no better way to spy on what’s popular than checking out celebrity preferences and the latest innovations from world famous brands.

Celebrated designer Stella McCartney exclusively uses vegan leather in her collections, no real leather allowed. Asos, Topshop and Zara, three of the world’s largest fashion retailers, also offer vegan leather goodies from handbags to jackets. Adidas and Dr. Martens, notorious shoe brands, have also begun offering a number of vegan shoes, a bold move for brands previously known to revolve around leather. Olga Berg, well-known accessory brand, has also moved away from leather, offering fresh handbag and headband designs exclusively in vegan leather.

2. Tanneries are terrible for mother nature

With everything we see and know about climate change, it’s important to consider how our purchases affect mother nature. Leather is incredibly difficult to make, and tanneries are one of the most toxic industries around. Tanneries utilize toxic chemicals, mineral salts, coal derivatives, formaldehyde, oil, dye and finishes to make leather from skins. Once the leather is created, the waste enters the ecosystem, contaminating it with countless pollutants from sulfides to acids.



Not only do tanneries pollute waterways and generate waste, they also consume excessive amounts of water. In fact, it’s been estimated it takes around 8,000L of water to produce one pair of leather shoes. At a time when water is one of the most valuable resources in many areas of the world, vegan leather is looking like the brightest, smartest alternative to classic leather.

3. You don’t have to compromise on style

Vegan leather is so versatile, it can be molded and sewn into the most modern silhouettes and handbag styles on the market. From zip-top, leopard-print bucket bags to chic square clutches, vegan leather allows you to stay on trend, while avoiding animal cruelty.

Vegan leather is the newest textile to disrupt the fashion world, and now is your chance to try it with this season’s newest handbags, shoes and jackets. Whether you’re looking to prevent animal cruelty, or you just want a really cool new handbag in 2021’s newest styles, vegan leather is your best choice. It’s a choice you wont regret it.

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